After moving my blog over from blogger to wordpress, it is finally time I started blogging in earnest. I will be posting updates of what happened in ’06, and my plans for ’07. Life’s interesting in my new institute (having left BITS after staying for twenty days). My institute, IISER Kolkata is a new kind of interdisciplinary institute setup by the Indian Government to encourage research in interdisciplinary science. So I will be posting more about science and maths soon 🙂 I will also write (soon) about the Indocrypt 2006 tutorial I attended last Sunday.
As for the Linux front, I have reinstalled Gentoo after moving from Gentoo -> Ubuntu -> Arch. The reason I wiped Arch off my disk was that I missed my USE flags, and the ability to custom-compile everything. Hopefully Gentoo will stay atleast for a few months. I am getting tired of switching distros, and Ubuntu gets yummier with every release 🙂


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  1. Well, you can check out their website (for our Pune counterpart, check out
    As for your second question, we do have pretty good labs where we do projects, but as for full fledged research labs (for MSc or PhD students)… we’re not there quite yet. Also our new campus is in the process of being planned out (measure the land, then draft a plan, etc.)

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