i915 problems.

Well, this week I tried to install Gentoo on a friend’s Lenovo laptop, replacing his Ubuntu. All went well (Recompiled with glibc 2.5-r1, etc.). Xorg compiled fine too. But while starting, it gives this cryptic error and cops out:
(EE) I810: unknown type(0xffffffff)=0xff

I searched high and low on googlespace for the answer. The only satisfactory solution (sort of) was the one I got from Greg’s page here. He talks of enabling VM86 in the kernel. Unfortunately in the latest kernel, there’s no option that I can find for VM86. Does anyone know why VM86 was dropped in 2.6.19? Next time, I catch hold of his laptop, I’ll install 2.6.18 and see what comes of it.


Wheee! Huawei CDMA works in Gentoo!

Thanks to trichotillomania for the configuration settings 🙂

Well according to that blog, I should have got wvdial and configured it. Unfortunately wvstreams (on which wvdial depends) bombed out on me during the compilation :-(. Also, I didn’t use his method of modprobing everytime. I just went into the kernel configuration -> Device Drivers -> USB Support -> USB Serial Convertor Support, and ticked off USB Serial Console Device Support, USB Generic Serial Driver, and of course USB driver for GSM and CDMA modems 🙂 to be compiled into the kernel. So whenever I plug the modem in, auto-detection magic 🙂 No fuss. No scripts.

Then since wvdial didn’t work (didn’t compile) so I set off to use Gentoo’s recommended way: /etc/conf.d/net
I edited that file, put in a few settings (after reading their excellent documentation) and this is what I ended up with:

#[snippet only]
"modem crtscts"
# you can add more here: just look at /etc/conf.d/net.example!
'ABORT' 'Invalid Login'
'ABORT' 'Login incorrect'
'' 'ATZ'
'OK' 'AT' # Put your modem initialization string here
'TIMEOUT' '60'
'~--' ''
# ^ blatantly copied from /etc/conf.d/net.example!

Thanks to all the people that have made GNU/Linux such a smashing success! Nowadays, linux support is so great, I really wonder why people use Windows at all. And Gentoo docs are of course unparalleled and unrivalled 🙂