Irritating software problems

Fluxbox crashing

Recently, I have been trying to get up fluxbox up and running, but it was really a big problem. Previously I was using Openbox, but when I saw the great screenies at Fluxbuntu I got hooked. I really liked the toolbar of fluxbox, and it’s background setter fbsetbg is also really cool. (Autodetection of background setting software and also its opinion on it by doing fbsetbg -i. Pretty nifty.)

So I installed fluxbox (1.0 rc2). Put “exec startfluxbox” in my .xinitrc and startx’d.
What do I get?
A bunch of errors: Fluxbox can’t set this value or that value and poof. back to the console 😦

After a lot of searchβ€Œing (really lots) I found help from ndiarsen in the Archlinux forums, and it finally turned out that it was the fact that my locale (en_IN) was not recognised by fluxbox and therefore it wouldn’t start.
If it can’t get my locale, why doesn’t it fallback to a different locale, and just start? I did workaround finally by setting my locale to en_GB but that’s not really a solution. What’s strange, that fluxbox worked perfectly.

Zombie glade apps

Yeah. Really zombies. I compiled gnomebaker and gwget on my Gentoo box.
I clicked on the buttons. Nothing. Clicked again, went on. Finally looked at the console:

(gnomebaker:15911): libglade-WARNING **: could not find signal handler 'gnomebaker_on_help'.
and few 20 more of these kind of errors.

Searched again. Turned out that’s some problem in my LDFLAGS. (This time
Slackware guys in google groups came to the rescue). Changed
it to:

LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS: -export-dynamic}"
and then emerged again. Zombie gone.


Season’s Greetings!

Let’s hope we have a happier 2007 πŸ™‚

p.s. Nowadays we even have Linux distributions coming out on festive occassions, like the Ubuntu Christmas Edition πŸ™‚
College opens on 2nd, so really haven’t got much time left on my hands. I am trying to set up networking on my router (a Huawei) but so far I can’t figure how the heck port forwarding works here. I don’t know how much time I will get after session starts.
Also looking for a good planner application/wiki – just heard of Didiwiki and Emacs’ planner.el. MediaWiki is a really good option, by I heard it stores everything in some database in MySQL instead of plaintext. That would mean tougher backups, and more complexity than I need for my simple needs.


After moving my blog over from blogger to wordpress, it is finally time I started blogging in earnest. I will be posting updates of what happened in ’06, and my plans for ’07. Life’s interesting in my new institute (having left BITS after staying for twenty days). My institute, IISER Kolkata is a new kind of interdisciplinary institute setup by the Indian Government to encourage research in interdisciplinary science. So I will be posting more about science and maths soon πŸ™‚ I will also write (soon) about the Indocrypt 2006 tutorial I attended last Sunday.
As for the Linux front, I have reinstalled Gentoo after moving from Gentoo -> Ubuntu -> Arch. The reason I wiped Arch off my disk was that I missed my USE flags, and the ability to custom-compile everything. Hopefully Gentoo will stay atleast for a few months. I am getting tired of switching distros, and Ubuntu gets yummier with every release πŸ™‚